How geographic data can be used in improving health services?

IMPRO organizes international seminar ”Geospatial data in health and welfare research” at the University of Helsinki main building on 23.10.2018.
Welcome to discuss with experts how geographic data can be used in improving health services. Key note: State of Art in Geospatial Technologies for Health by Eric Delmelle, associate professor in Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of North Carolina.
Esri Finland introduces GIS technology during the event.  GIS technology integrates vast amounts of information into a central repository and provides a clarity to guide the management of health care resources. Use of geography helps to understand the communities and identify the services patients needs. With smart maps and spatial analysis, mix of services can  be optimized and the best places to locate health facilities can be found.
The seminar is intended especially to researchers, decision makers and students. Seminar is free of charge.
Programme and registration