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Multimorbidity: A burden of the healthcare system

16.09.2021 Webinar

IMPRO research project will host an international webinar on multimorbidity and the burden it is causing to the western societies as the population is ageing.

The main objective is to create a better understanding on how multimorbidity challenges the western countries and their healthcare system, how healthcare reforms should take the phenomenon into consideration and what are the solutions to tackle the issue.

The webinar will be held in English and it is free of charge.

Presentations of the webinar can be found here

Program on Thursday 16th September

10.00-10.05 Opening words
Professor Tiina Laatikainen, IMPRO & the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

10.05-10.20 More impact with same costs – how to support sustainability of service system?
Budget Counselor Riitta Aejmelaeus, Ministry of Finance, Finland

10.20-10.35 The new guidelines to tackle multimorbidity in Finland.
Associate Professor Tuomas Koskela, University of Tampere, Finland, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology

10.35-11.00 Understanding the distribution of comorbidities through a spatial analytical lens 
Associate Professor Eric Delmelle, UNC Charlotte, USA

11.00-11.10 Break

11.10-11.40 Primary care transformation in Scotland – are the needs of patients with multimorbidity being met?
Professor Stewart Mercer, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

11.40-12.00 The significance of multimorbidity in the sustainability of the social and healthcare system.
Professor Miika Linna, IMPRO & the Universities of Aalto and Eastern Finland

12.00-12.20 Burden and consequences of multimorbidity in patient groups with chronic conditions.
Professor Tiina Laatikainen, IMPRO & the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

12.20-12.30 Closing words and questions for speakers

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