Christmas seminar on geoinformation and health services in Joensuu 19.12.2018

Machine learning group of University of Eastern Finland is organizing Christmas seminar on recent research results related to the on-going IMPRO project Wednesday 19th December 2018.

The themes focuses mainly on geo-information and other location aspects in health care and location-based services in general.


Pasi Fränti: Social and health care services as an optimization problem
Aapeli Leminen: Modeling time and travel costs for treatment of chronic diseases
Maija Toivakka: Geospatial approach for quality of type 2 diabetes care in North Karelia
Radu Mariescu-Istodor: Extracting road nettwork from GPS data
Sami Sieranoja: Efficient clustering with graph-based methods
Antti Hiltunen: Health effects of night-time lights

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