Evaluation of care quality

We will develop methods for using the client and patient information systems of the social welfare and health care services combined with spatial information to assess care quality and plan services.

The goal is to develop procedures and tools for use in the health care and social welfare regions. Illnesses requiring continuous monitoring and care in which new service solutions may achieve improved care and cost savings will be a particular focus of the research.

Examination of key patient groups’ care pathways

Development efforts have already been initiated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease care in ‘Siun Sote’ area. In addition, the quality of care will be studied by analysing the care paths and care outcomes of patient groups that play a key role in terms of public health and use a high volume of services before and after the reform.

Currently, the big picture describing the use of different social welfare and health care services, access to services and continuity of care for such patient groups as those with substance abuse problems is incomplete.